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Research & Initiatives


The following is an introduction to the research projects we are currently working on.


Measuring groundwater flow


Understanding groundwater flow in the ground is important for assessing the risk of landslides. We are conducting research on tracer testing to measure groundwater flow by flowing tracers into the ground from a well.​


Measuring the permeability of the ground


Measuring the permeability of the ground is important for understanding landslides. However, it is not easy to carry heavy test equipment up a slope. We are therefore attempting to utilize a lightweight and simple device called mini disk infiltrometer.​


Understanding the basics of salt movement.


To understand the basics of the movement of salinity due to groundwater flow, we are conducting experiments using a cylindrical device called a column. It is a simple, yet powerful tool for seeing through to the essence of the matter.​


Cupturing free advection


When salt water enters soils or aquifers, it sinks because it has greater specific gravity than groundwater. In this case, it shows complex movements, such as the extension of many fingers (fingering). The upper photo captures the fingering using a transparent sand box and blue dye. The lower figure shows the result of converting the photo into a concentration distribution by image analysis (yellow areas are high concentration). 

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