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Laboratory of Engineering Mechanics for Disaster Prevention


Food is one of the essential elements for human lives. Rural areas that produce food have faced many problems in recent years. One of these is damage to agricultural infrastructures caused by disasters, including torrential rains and earthquakes. Our research focuses on the mechanisms of disaster phenomena in rural areas, as well as countermeasures and restoration methods.




Landslide caused by torrential rain


Citrus fruits, a representative agricultural crop of Ehime Prefecture, Japan, are often grown on steep slopes. Cultivation areas on such slopes were severely damaged by the landslides caused by the record-breaking rainfall of 2018. Our research targets not only the restoration of these damages and countermeasures, but also the elucidation of the mechanism of the landslides.


Salinization caused by Tsunami


If a tsunami floods a farmland with salt water, it may become impossible to grow crops on the farmland. Therefore, salt must be removed from the soil. Effective removal measures require an accurate understanding of how salt moves in the soils and aquifers. We are exploring the mechanisms of salinity behavior in the subsurface.

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